What Is Money?

In a world clouded by uncertainty, it is no small task to understand how and why money works. To clear up the confusion, we need a fixed point of reference – an illuminating north star – to guide our thinking. 

Burning bright for over a decade, Bitcoin has provided clear direction, sparking an explosion of new possibilities while challenging prevailing monetary ideology.

Leading you on a fantastic journey to unravel its mysteries, Magic Internet Money reviews many classical and modern concepts of Bitcoin as it relates to cryptography, economics, finance, governance, and more. Contemplating the role of money, its merits are laid bare, as is the power to decide its future.

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About Jesse Berger

Jesse spent over 10 years working with large financial institutions in Canada, including roles in retail banking, investment advisory, management consulting, and market research. He graduated from McGill University in 2006 having studied economics and philosophy, and he received his MBA from Ryerson University in 2015. There, he led the winning team of The Economist’s MBA investment case competition, topping more than 25 schools from around the world. In 2018 he became a certified blockchain professional, and he is currently an independent consultant based in Toronto.

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